Raised Into A Leathercrafter

When I was young my grandfather, Harold Fuhrman, was bigger than life. He could do anything.

One of those things was crafting with leather. From the smallest keychain to restoring and rebuilding an old saddle. He began to teach me how to work with leather from the time I could safely use the tools. I loved doing it and he loved sharing his passion and knowledge.

Flash forward a few decades and my grandfather has passed, but his knowledge has lived on. I was given some of his old leather tools and after years of not working with leather, I picked the craft back up and friends started to ask me to make them things. In early 2021, through a number of major changes in my family's life I made the decision to start a leather business.

I named the business Fuhrman Leather to honor my grandfather and carry on his legacy. Today, Fuhrman Leather is committed to creating quality, handcrafted, everyday leather goods that will last for generations.